Beauty Treatment

Specific care with Dermalogica cosmetics combinated with high-tech treatment is a unique and the most effective way how to get a perfect look.

Dermalogica believes that skin care is not about luxury flakons, unreasonably high prices or models on billboards with perfect skin. Same as a dental care, skin care is also a medical necessity. Dermalogica does not promise miracles, but the real results, which brings the high-quality product composition and its professional recommendations. Dermalogica offers products for skin care, body care, range of sun block products and also a care addressed to the specific needs of men’s skin.

Dermalogica celebrated worldwide a great success in 2012 and it has been awarded by several prestigious prizes. In the United States Dermalogica was by the American salon magazine and American spa awarded as the best professional cosmetic brand. Another inviting award is the inclusion of the „Daily Microfoliant“ product by famous Internet magazíne between top 10 cosmetic products for every day. These products are qualified as absolute superstars! The original article can be found here.

We are also happy to announce that from the beginning of 2013 Dermalogica became a partner of the Union Dermalogica Cosmeticians in the Czech Republic.

Each treatment includes:

Herbal steaming of skin

Skin scrubber:
Support for mechanical cleaning of the skin

Prevents skin inflammation and greatly increases its resistance, it has a positive effect on the prevention of enlarged veins.

The latest technology of deep absorption of active substances into the skin by using a physical phenomenon, which occurs in the cells and in the corners of skin layer, reduces wrinkles.

Ready made treatment by Dermalogica series keeps a good heatlh of skin

This cosmetic series thinks of the current and long-term needs of all individual face zones with the help of analysis calls Face mapping, it combines everything you need to recover and keep your skin in youthful condition.

price: 1090,- czk

AGE SMART treatment (mature and tired skin)

Highly revitalizing care that instantly and visibly regenerates and shine up your skin. Antioxidants, vitamins and hydroxy acid takes care of texture and color.Massage techniques removes signs of tiredness a make face lift .The skin will be noticeably smoother and brightened.

price: 1090,- czk

CHROMA WHITE treatment (hyperpigmentation)

Treatment together with the recommended products for home care lightening, improves skin coloration and brightening. Minimizes the occurrence of sun and age spots, the final intensive hydration smooths fine lines of wrinkles.

price: 1090,- czk

MEDIBAC treatment (oily skin,acne,comedones)

Deep cleansing treatment helps in the prevention of the acne occurrence, detoxifies and soothes the skin,decreases enlarged pores. Cleans clogged follicles and calms inflammation.

price: 1090,- czk

Ošetření ULTRACALMING (přecitlivělá, alergická a reaktivní pleť)

Treatment relieves the skin from redness, a sense of tension and inflammation and soothes its response to the stressful factors. The result is to strengthen the skin’s defences, which then can cope with the additional stress.

price: 1090,- czk